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How to Host A Dine In

Years ago, people used to hold dinner parties at their homes to benefit good causes. We think this is a tradition worth reviving so we invite you to dine in for GICI. Instead of meeting for dinner at a restaurant, invite your friends over to your own dinner party. And in lieu of spending on the bill, ask them to donate to the Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Institute (GICI) to improve outcomes of New Zealand’s most common form of cancer.

Each host receives an ECOYA candle to say thank you. Thanks ECOYA!


There’s no right kind of Dine In, you can make your dinner as formal or as casual as you like. It can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic or even a BBQ! For inspiration, grab a cookbook or use a supplier such as Food Bag.  If you’re keen to make it fancy, check out Pinterest for table setting ideas.

Plan Ahead

Many gatherings happen last minute, but when you’re hosting a Dine In, we encourage you to give yourself some time to plan. It’s best to give your guests a heads up that they’ll be making a donation and give them an idea of what GICI does, and perhaps why you support us. You can download our template email invitation and tailor it to your own event.

You can invite your guests to donate on the GICI website, or bring cash directly to the Dine-In. Then send the cash to our PO Box or donate online. You can choose to suggest a minimum donation or leave it for your guests to decide how generous they’re feeling!

Download Dine In For GICI Brief and Letter | Download Dine In For GICI Invitation 


You can help increase awareness of gastro-intestinal cancers (and show off your hard work) by snapping a photo of your Dine In and sharing with your friends and family with #DineIn4GICI.