About the Salvos



For more than 150 years, The Salvation Army has been the human face of help, hope, and compassion for those in need. From a hot meal or a food parcel, to accommodation, employment and skills training - our support services address the short, medium and long-term needs of people and communities.

Currently we have over 8,500 active officers and staff delivering in excess of 1,000 specifically designed social programs across Australia.

We do this because we can make a difference. Because tens of thousands of Australians will be homeless tonight,  because too many families are struggling to put food on the table, because domestic violence is destroying families, because millions are affected by disasters, famine, and poverty every day. 

In a typical week across Australia, we provide:

  • 100,000 meals for the hungry
  • 2,000 beds for the homeless
  • 5,000 to 8,000 food vouchers
  • 1,000 people with assistance in finding employment
  • Refuge to 500 people addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Several thousand people with counselling
  • 3,000 elderly people with aged care services
  • 1,000 people in the court system with chaplaincy services
  • Family tracing services which locate 40 missing family members


The Salvos help more than 1 million Australians every year - that's one person every 30 seconds.