Salvation Army Major, Brendan Nottle, has embarked on an epic journey of more than 700 kilometres, walking from Melbourne to Canberra in an effort to put homelessness on the political agenda.

Walk The Walk For The Homeless will take 40 days and commenced from The Salvation Army's Project 614 on Bourke Street on Friday September 8th.  The walk will conclude at Parliament House in Canberra on Monday October 16th.

Visiting communities along the way, Brendan is hearing first-hand about the challenges these communities face as they tackle the complex issues contributing to homelessness.

On his arrival in Canberra, Brendan intends to meet with key federal representatives and will be calling for the Government to establish a national nonpartisan strategy to end homelessness in Australia.

A public petition has been established calling on everyday Australians to sign their name in support of a national strategy to address the causes of homelessness.


The Salvos hope to secure 105,237 signatures on the petition - one for every Australian who will be homeless tonight. 




  • WEEK 1
  • 8th September

    Melbourne to Mill Park

  • 9th September

    Mill Park to Whittlesea

  • 11th September

    Whittlesea to Hazeldene

  • 12th September

    Hazeldene to Yea

  • 13th September

    Yea to Molesworth

  • 14th September

    Molesworth to Kanumbra

  • WEEK 2
  • 15th September

    Kanumbra to Woodfield

  • 16th September

    Woodfield to Maindample

  • 18th September

    Maindample to Lima South

  • 19th September

    Lima South to Benalla

  • 20th September

    Benalla to Winton

  • 21st September

    Winton to Wangaratta South

  • WEEK 3
  • 22nd September

    Wangaratta South to Tarrawingee

  • 23rd September

    Tarrawingee to Beechworth

  • 25th September

    Beechworth to Yackandandah

  • 26th September

    Yackandandah to Staghorn Flat

  • 27th September

    Staghorn Flat to Tallangatta

  • 28th September

    Tallangatta to Bullioh

  • WEEK 4
  • 29th September

    Bullioh to Shelley

  • 30th September

    Shelley to Guys Forest

  • 2nd October

    Guys Forest to Walwa

  • 3rd October

    Walwa to Munderoo

  • 4th October

    Munderoo to Tumbarumba

  • 5th October

    Tumbarumba to Laurel Hill

  • WEEK 5
  • 6th October

    Laurel Hill to Batlow

  • 7th October

    Batlow to Tumut

  • 9th October

    Tumut to Argalong

  • 10th October

    Argalong to Adjungbilly

  • 11th October

    Adjungbilly to Wee Jasper

  • 12th October

    Wee Jasper to Narrangullen

  • WEEK 6
  • 13th October

    Narrangullen to Mullion

  • 14th October

    Mullion to Coree

  • 15th October

    Coree to Old Parliament House

  • 16th October

    Old Parliament House to Parliament House